The ancient site of Poggio Bonizio, now an archaeological area, is set in the heart of an agricultural district richly planted with vineyards and olive groves. For centuries it has been located above the walls of the Medici fortress of Poggio Imperiale, built by Giuliano da Sangallo for the Florence Commune in an attempt to ward off the threats of the Sienese Republic. The work of restoration and consolidation of the wall surfaces has, through interdisciplinary collaboration [...]

The Fortress of Poggio Imperiale

In the perspective of enhancing and requalifying the Park of the Fortress of Poggio Imperiale, the executive design develops and analyses [...]

People Mover

An open procedure for awarding the concession of public works concerning the final and executive design, construction and subsequent [...]

Former Mining Area

A call for tender from the Municipality of Arezzo in February 2009 required that participants provide a unitary structural project for the recoverya [...]

Sports Park

A call for tender from the Municipality of Arezzo in February 2009 required that participants provide a unitary structural project for the recovery [...]

Sounds Park

After implementation of safety measures and environmental recovery of the site, a museum-park dedicated to the listening of music [...]

Urban Park

The proposed design aims at creating a park that is simultaneously all of the following: a key element for bringing nature into the city [...]

Overflow Basin

Formally a large sand and gravel quarry, this area has been earmarked for the purpose of acting as an overflow basin for the floodwaters [...]

Recovery of the Historic Walls

An eminently landscape-type of intervention with highly innovative aspects that aims to achieve the following goals: to bring the escarpment [...]

New Cable-Car

Following the tragedy of the cable-car of Cermis on 3 February 1998, the Municipality of Cavalese commissioned a series of interventions aimed [...]

Castle of Bivona

The restoration operation for conserving and enhancing the Castle of Bivona, destined to become the centre for tourist development , [...]

Experimental Archaeology

The presence of the ruins of a 5000-year-old pile-dwelling village has give rise to the drafting of a project for environmental restoration [...]

The Dune Park

The Dune Park is envisaged as a design intervention to replace the use methods which are blatantly incongruous with a coastal environment [...]

Enhancement of Villa Reale

The operation proposed during the tender phase was geared towards the recovery of the biotic and abiotic components and the historical structures [...]

Natural Reserve

The Natural Reserve of the Sibolla Lake is a very representative example of a “ruined natural landscape”, home to one of the highest [...]

Natural Urban Park

The call for tender has offered the chance to experiment a design approach based not only on the conservation of the natural environment [...]