Ferrara AssociatiGiuliana Campioni and Guido Ferrara are architects with well-established success as designers of urban public spaces, urbanistic and architectural recovery, and territorial planning. For nearly thirty years they have concentrated their professionalism in a specialised manner on the design, management and planning of open spaces on all scales, from private gardens to national parks, with particular focus on the legal framework of the areas to be subjected to conservation and/or special precautions within protected areas and in routine town planning. The FERRARA ASSOCIATI Studio has consolidated experience in the use of numeric cartography and graphic programmes applied to the environment and the landscape, with current use of the ArcGis (ArcInfo) software. It works continuously in the public and private sectors with special focus on the areas briefly listed below:
conservation, restoration and enhancement of archaeological sites, historical buildings and complexes with environmental prestige;
environmental recovery and the installation in the landscape of architectural and technological artefacts with great impact;
urban décor, piazzas, public spaces and areas of collective interest;
urban parks with pertinent facilities and services, public and private gardens, swimming pools and water playgrounds, wellbeing areas;
environmental impact and strategic assessment studies, also in environmental or historical-cultural conditions of special value and subject to the constraints of the protection laws.

The Ferrara Associati practice has taken part in competitions in Italy and abroad concerning architecture, urban design and environmental design and planning, obtaining numerous awards. More specifically, over the last fifteen years it has won eight first prizes, two second prizes and five mentions..

• National ideas competition for “Utilisation of the sports facilities area of Incisa Val d’Arno” (FI) - FIRST PRIZE 
• National ideas competition for “A new structure to replace the old city tower” in Scarlino (GR) - FIRST PRIZE 
• International ideas competition “Redevelopment of Piazza Brunelleschi” in Florence - FIRST PRIZE 
• International competition “Three Squares for Florence: Piazza Istria at Sorgane” in Florence - FIRST PRIZE 
• International design competition for the “New arrangement of Piazza Ghiberti” in Florence - FIRST PRIZE 
• National competition “Redevelopment and enhancement of the E. Fiumi Archaeological Park” in Volterra (PI) - FIRST PRIZE
• National ideas competition for the property complex situated in the municipality of Radda in Chianti (SI) - FIRST PRIZE 
• Urban redevelopment scheme - “Water Park/Municipal Swimming Pools” at Rapolano (SI) - FIRST PRIZE 

GIULIANA CAMPIONI • giuliana@ferrarassociati.it

Nicola ferrara
She offers professional consultancy to private institutions and public entities responsible for governing the territory and protecting the landscape, and carries out tasks for the environmental recovery and restoration of historical landscape complexes and the design of public parks and spaces. She is the author of several plans for open spaces and park projects in urban and residential areas, surveys and proposals for the enhancement and management of complexes with specific historical and landscape value for recreation and tourist purposes, recovery plans and projects for degraded areas and the safeguarding of sensitive areas, plus environmental impact studies for quarries, railways, tourist ports, ski slopes, wind farms and interventions for land transformation and irrigation. She has worked in territorial projects of national significance, coordinating study groups engaged in strategic projects aimed at verifying the evolution of the urbanistic discipline towards new ecological frontiers. She has won numerous competitions on a national and international level pertaining to design and environmental planning on various scales, and has performed applied research activities on the topic of analysis of the landscape and conservation of the natural resources, having published books, essays and articles on this subject.

GUIDO FERRARA • guido@ferrarassociati.it

Guido Ferrara
For more than thirty years his interests and professionalism have centred around the design, management and planning of open spaces on all scales, from small private gardens to national parks. Full professor of Urban planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Florence, he has been director of the Specialisation School in Architecture of Gardens and Landscape Design (www.unifi.it/unifi/ssagpp), coordinator of the second-level Landscape Master and lecturer at the PhD course in Landscape Design (www.unifi.it/drprogettazionepaesistica). He is consultant for the governmental and territorial authorities. As head coordinator of study and research groups, he has drawn up plans and created products for natural reserves, archaeological areas, public parks and gardens, and urban décor in numerous Italian regions. He is the author of over 250 publications in books and technical magazines and in the handbooks of national and international congresses and conventions. Past President of the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (www.aiapp.net) from 2006 to 2013 he was scientific editor of the magazine Architettura del Paesaggio (www.paysage.it).

MICHELE ERCOLINI • michele@ferrarassociati.it

Michele Ercolini
With a degree obtained in Florence and registered with the Order of Architects of La Spezia since 2001, he obtained a PhD in Landscape Design in 2005. He is engaged in urban, environmental and landscape planning, with particular focus on operations in sensitive areas, the planning of protected areas, environmental planning, and environmental impact surveys, having carried out various professional research and collaboration assignments. He is a research fellow at the Department of Urban and Territorial Planning at the University of Florence (Consortium for reclamation of the Pesa River, Observatory of the Landscape Plan of the region of Sardinia). He is the author of numerous publications, including Conservazione del Paesaggio Agrario delle Cinque Terre, the Atlante dei Paesaggi Italiani, by Annalisa Maniglio Calcagno, Alinea Editrice, Florence 2002; Dalle esigenze alle opportunità. La difesa idraulica fluviale occasione per un progetto di paesaggio terzo, Firenze University Press, Florence 2006. In 2014 he obtained the national scientific qualification as Associate Professor of the Scientific Disciplinary Sector 08/F1.

Nicola Ferrara • nicola@ferrarassociati.it | europaconcorsi.com

Nicola ferrara
With a degree in Architecture in 1995, his interests focus on the transformation processes of urban systems and the conservation and recovery of the architectural heritage, topics that he has developed further to public and private assignments. He works mainly in the urban design sectors, with requalification projects and works in urban centres, the reorganisation of piazzas, public spaces and the landscape for creating green areas, gardens and parks of all sizes, the recovery of building complexes with historical and environmental significance, and the designing of incoming facilities and museum structures. He participates in national and international competitions and tenders, having received numerous awards, also on behalf of the parent company. He is currently developing specific experience in the field of swimming pools, ponds and water playgrounds in relation to urban décor and tourist, recreational and wellbeing activities. In his most recent professional activity, the project was conceived as an occasion for experimenting new relationships between objects and the reference framework and for perfecting technical solutions with new forms of expression.

GABRIELE GRANDI • gabriele@ferrarassociati.it

Gabriele Grandi
Degree obtained in Florence in 2011 in Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning, since 2009 he has been working for the Ferrara Associati Studio as specialised technician in the use of ArcGis (ArcInfo) software, an advanced system for designing and managing geographical data, with the ability to read and process government plans of the territory, environmental recovery plans, management plans, and environmental impact assessments. He has specific experience in the creation 3D graphic printouts, using the ArcScene software via which he is able to monitor the various territorial transformation models. He has lectured in training courses for employees of the city council and professionals on the use of the ArcGis Software. In collaboration with the studio he has taken part in national competitions, winning prizes and awards. He works daily on research for building sustainable landscapes where the series of interactions between man and nature are capable of generating biological and scenographic aspects that are unique and sustainable in form, colour and style.
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