Piazza dell'Isolotto

latest project

Urban landscape design can be defined as “the art of designing open spaces for the community”. However, the rehabilitation operation in Piazza dell'Isolotto in Florence actually has a much broader significance than simply the aesthetic amelioration and functional adaptation of a fragment of the city. The proposed design project hence envisages the creation of three different spaces, arranged in sequence, setting in relation a considerably extensive section of the district. [...]

Piazza della Scala

latest ptoject

The aim of the project is to restore to the Piazza the nature of an “empty space” which it originally had, and which even now continues to be its true hidden resource, opening it up to multiple forms of use that respond to contemporary needs. The relocation of the statue to Largo Ghiringhelli therefore represents a necessary decision in order to develop the latent potential of the site of intervention. The aim of enhancing the qualification of the Piazza is pursued through the creation of a multipurpose site [...]

Piazza Spirito Santo

The requalification project proposes the paving of a total of 2180 m2 of the intervention area with grey sandstone slabs with different textures [...]

Outdoor Exhibition

This work involves the construction of an outdoor exhibition area in marble and stone. A large rectangle covering approximately 350 m2 [...]

Water Park

With reference to the requirements of the programme for urban requalification in the call for tenders organised by the Administration of Rapolano ...]

Garden and private swimming pool

This project involves the rearrangement of a garden and outdoor areas of a villa from the fifties and the building of a new 6 x 12-m swimming pool [...]

Wellness Center and Spa

A wellness centre and spa is foreseen inside a residential complex in order to offer exclusive services to private clients. The area, which cover [...]

Piazza Istria

The proposed requalification of Piazza Istria in the residential area of Sorgane in Florence envisages a morphological dilatation of the spatial field [...]

Centro Studi Molteni

A typical eighteenth-century villa in the Tuscan countryside is the subject of a recovery plan and restoration project for the specific purpose [...]

Outdoor Area of Centro Molteni

The pre-selected design concept refers to the creating of a landscape-garden that reinterprets the Tuscan countryside in an image of [...]

Access to the Fortress

Re-establishment of the visual and functional continuity between the constructed space and the archaeological landscape. [...]

Enviromental Requalifician

This project foresees the environmental revamping of the open spaces along the new access way located on the south-eastern side [...]

Hotel Villa Madrè

The transformation of a historical villa in the outskirts of Pisa into a tourist-incoming structure represents the occasion for the innovative recovery [...]

Piazza Brunelleschi

The theme develops around the concept of 'metamorphosis', a design approach resulting from the gradual transformation process [...]

New School Complex

The layout of this school is inspired by concepts of orientation, spatial fluidity, and harmonisation of volumes, that translates into a linear pattern [...]

The Museum of Design

The competition concerns the creation by 2016 of a design museum covering 2,500 m2, destined to become a cultural reference point [...]

Piazza Ghiberti

The awareness that Florence is redesigning its future is the underlying basis of the project for revamping Piazza Ghiberti. The requalification [...]

Parco della Memoria

The memory park is conceived and designed as a place with high perceptual diversity which, due to being a "garden for everyone" [...]

Urban Decor

The first qualifying element of the proposed solution is that of enhancing the fabric of the historic centre in line with the time requirements and use methods [...]

Torre Civic Network

The first criterion is the re-insertion into the contemporary landscape of a symbolic object to replace the ancient civic tower, [...]